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pollination services


Below is an extract from a pollination research paper prepared by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC).  To download the document, simply click on the image on the left of this screen.

Research suggests that honey bee pollination services have a significant role in the production of lupins in Australia (Langridge and Goodman 1985; Langridge and Goodman 1977).

Langridge and Goodman (1977), in a trial conducted in Victoria, concluded that mean yields of seed from Lupinus angustifolius were significantly greater from plots to which bees and larger insects had access, than from plots from which these insects were excluded, i.e. the number and weight of seed were increased as a result of honey bee pollination.  They found an 18.5% increase in yield by exposing flowers to foraging honey bees. In the same trial they also found that lupin pollen was more attractive to bees than capeweed pollen.

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