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Healthy hives mean higher yields


Using a pollination service is a new concept for many producers, so it’s important to work with someone who is reliable, experienced and understands the demands of agribusiness.

Dave Elson has over 40 years experience as an apiarist and is knowledgeable about the science of pollination and recent industry advances, having attended international conferences and visited research facilities overseas.

Based in south-east Queensland, Dave travels extensively and offers an affordable service for farmers from Central Queensland to Northern New South Wales. 

Most importantly, Dave understands farming. Having studied at Agricultural College as a Wool Classer, Dave spent time working on stations before taking up beekeeping.  He’s the type of bloke who believes in hand-shake agreements, a hard days work, and delivering on what he promises. The sort of person who’ll give you honest advice and work with you to get the best outcome.

With over 850 hives, Dave’s successful honey production business is one of the largest in south-east Queensland.  He believes passionately in the value of crop pollination as a way to help local farmers improve yields and keep ahead in these challenging economic times.

Dave is proud of his healthy, disease-free hives, achieved through hard work and without the use of harmful chemicals.  His business is B-Qual certified.

Dave recently featured in an article in Queensland Country Life about how pollination is becoming more vital for farmers due to the death of native bees.

Feel free to give Dave a call to discuss how to improve your crop yields.




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